About Us

We are an independent family run company that has over 40 years experience in electronic design and technology innovation in the television, communications and media industries. Our clients have included government agencies, the security industry, and media & broadcast industries including the BBC.


Promise was first announced at the Open Tech 2005 conference held in Hammersmith, London on the 23rd July 2005. This was a fully functional unit with the ability to record 12 DVB channels from 3 separate multiplexes for just over 7 days.

A video was made of the proceedings, which can be downloaded from the UKUUG event recordings. The promise.tv presentation was made during the Hacking the TV Stream session.

Since then we've been working continuously, developing a range of unique products based on the early prototype. We've taken advantage of improvements in computer and storage technologies to turn the early "small fridge sized" technology demonstrator shown at the launch into a compact, low power, fully automatic and user friendly system.

Dominic Ludlam at Open Tech 2005.