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Promise puts you in complete control of the TV. Fast forward, rewind and pause features are always available, even when changing channel. You can watch live TV and rewind back through the entire week, or simply go to the guide and choose a programme to watch.

The info box shows you what channel, programme and time you're watching. It's there when you seek, and can always be shown with one button press on the remote control.

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Programme guide

The guide shows the recorded programmes arranged by TV channel and time. It shows the programmes for one channel on a page. Moving left and right changes the channel, moving up shows earlier programmes, and moving down shows more recent ones.

There are dedicated buttons on the remote control for moving a day forward and back through the guide.

Each programme has a coloured square at the right. It's green if the whole programme has been recorded and can be watched now. It's yellow if the programme is available but incomplete. It's orange for future programmes, and red if the programme has expired and been replaced.

Screenshot of guide

Categories guide

The categories guide shows all programmes grouped by their type. There is a list of all films on the recorder, a list for all sports programmes, and for news, entertainment, lifestyle, children's and educational programmes. Just like the guide, they have a coloured status square and newer programmes are lower down on the list.

This lets you choose a programme for your current mood, instead of by time and channel.

Screenshot of categories guide

Saved programmes

A simple button press on the guide will save a programme so that it never expires. It is then available to watch from a separate saved programmes guide.

Saving and deleting programmes is instant, and you can save as many programmes as you want.

Screenshot of saved programmes guide


Bookmarks let you remember a point in a programme. You can then come back to that point later, after watching something else.

With the Promise Home and Promise Pro, all connected TVs can see the same bookmarks. This lets you start watching a programme in one room, set a bookmark, then carry on watching from the same place in another room.

Bookmarks do not stop a programme from expiring, but you can use bookmarks with saved programmes too.

Screenshot of bookmarks

Saved Clips

Promise Pro only. Saved clips allow you to select individual segments of programmes that are relevant and interesting to you, and save them so that they never expire. Clips are then available to watch from a separate Clips list.

Saving a clip is instant once the start and end points of the clip have been selected using the dedicated controller. You can save as many clips as you want.

Screenshot of clips

Programme Search

Promise Pro only. The search feature enables you to find all programmes containing words or phrases in their guide description. The promise pro has a dedicated keyboard used to enter search terms.

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Remote control

The promise remote control is designed to be simple to use. It is divided into three sections, for controlling different features. The top group is used for selecting programmes on the various guide screens. The middle group is for playback, with standard rewind, fast forward, and play and pause buttons. The last group is used for special features in the guide screens, and to access the main menu.

For ease of use, common features have dedicated buttons. The guide and menu are always one button press, and there is an info button which will show what channel and what time is currently playing. remote control