Promise Home

The promise home installation connects one recorder to four additional TVs in the home. Each TV can independently watch any programme on the recorder. Saved programmes and bookmarks are the same on each TV. In particular, you can start watching a programme in the living room, set a bookmark, then carry on watching in bed.

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  • Full seven days with over 60 channels
  • Multi-room promise TV recorder
  • Optional (extra) front panel display and control
  • Promise decoder for four additional TVs in the home
  • Fully automatic, no setup, no programming
  • Easy on screen guide to choose what to watch
  • Choose with categories such as Films or Sports
  • Programme bookmarks
  • Saved programmes
  • Simple intuitive remote control
  • On-line recording status verification
  • On-line software updates

Tour of all features


  • Promise Home recorder
  • Remote decoder plus remote control for each room
  • Delivery and installation
Promise Home recorder with decoders
The promise home recorder, shown here with the optional (extra) touch-screen front panel display which can be used to check the aerial quality and system health. Below the recorder is a range of remote decoder boxes, one for each TV in the home.
£4,150 inc VAT
Front panel display extra.