Promise Pro

The promise pro is an enhanced promise recorder with extra features designed for the professional viewer.

The pro extends the promise system to allow faster, easier and more fine-grained programme navigation via a dedicated controller. It allows programme clips to be selected and saved to store relevant and important content. Plus it provides a keyword search through programme names and descriptions using the provided keyboard.

All this in addition to every feature of the promise seven recorder.

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  • Full seven days with over 60 channels
  • Fully automatic, no setup, no programming
  • Easy on screen guide to choose what to watch
  • Choose with categories such as Films or Sports
  • Programme bookmarks
  • Saved programmes
  • Save programme segments as individual clips
  • Dedicated controller for fast and fine-grained navigation
  • Search the programme guide using the provided keyboard
  • On-line recording status verification
  • On-line software updates

Tour of all features


  • Promise Pro recorder
  • Remote control
  • Shuttle controller
  • Keyboard
  • Power supply
  • Delivery and installation
Promise Pro recorder and controllers
£1,990 inc VAT