What is promise.tv?

Promise is an entirely new way to watch Freeview Television.

It's a compact recorder for your home that automatically records everything, all the time. Every programme on over 60 TV and radio channels are recorded together. They are stored in a circular format, so that new programmes automatically replace the oldest, with enough space to store seven days. That's about 10,000 programmes – plenty to choose from!

They are all available to watch instantly on your TV so you can choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. No subscription, no downloads, no buffering, and no missing programmes.

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Easy to use

Promise is really easy to use. Just plug it in and connect the aerial. It automatically finds channels in your area and starts recording, no setup or configuration needed.

You don't have to schedule anything, and you need never miss a programme again. It records everything!


How do I tell it to record something?
It always records everything, so you don't have to!
How do I tell it what channels to record?
You don't have to! When new channels are added to Freeview, the recorder will update to include them. No scanning for channels, it's all completely automatic.
Does it record Freeview radio channels?
Yes! There are many BBC and independent radio channels available on Freeview, and promise records them all.
Can I keep a programme for more than a week?
Yes! A simple button press from the on-screen guide will tell the recorder to keep a programme on the disk. It is then available from a separate Saved Programmes list.
How many saved programmes can I have?
As many as you want.
Can I have more than one TV on it?
If you buy the Promise Home system, you can connect four more TVs to the recorder. They can all watch different programmes at the same time.
Do I need a special aerial?
No, as long as you have good reception on all Freeview channels with your existing aerial, promise will work fine.
Screenshot of the promise.tv guide
The promise on-screen guide. A green dot on the right means the programme has been recorded.
Screenshot of the promise.tv categories guide
Another guide lets you choose programmes by category, like films, sports or news. There are usually around 200 films recorded.